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Renting VS Buying a Snowboard

Don’t let indecision about whether to rent or buy stop you from getting out on the hill. Let us walk you through a few of the primary factors so you will know what is best for you.

 The decision whether to rent, buy used, or buy new has little to do with your skill level and everything to do with how frequently you ride (or plan to ride)




If you are just trying snowboarding out and are not sure if you’re going to be into it, renting is probably a good idea for your very first time or until you know if you want to stick with it.

Or maybe you’re no stranger to snowboarding but you only do it once a year while visiting grandma. If you only ride once a year it will probably be cheaper to rent a board.


Buying Used

Buying used gear can be a great option if you’re rolling on a budget and you plan to ride a few times throughout the year. You can look for used boards at used sporting goods stores, swap meets, or online marketplaces. Price is the primary advantage to buying used, however you will have less options and might have to shop around more. You’ll also want to make sure you inspect the board for any gnarly damage or core shots.


Buying New

If you ride (or plan to) a dozen or more times per season, looking at new gear is probably the move for you. When you buy new you’ll have much more variety of options and it will be easier to get the perfect size. Buying new is also much easier than searching through used gear and having to be your own expert. Instead, you can go into your local boardshop and talk to experts who can fit you with the right board, boots, and bindings. Having the right fit will play a major roll in your experience on the hill so you don’t want to take it lightly.


Ultimately, whatever gets you riding is a great thing! Everyone from once a year riders to every week riders just need a board that is suits their needs. Whatever equipment you get, make sure you’re setting yourself up for success and a great time.