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Homeschool Intro to Skateboarding - 4 Week Course

Homeschool Intro to Skateboarding - 4 Week Course


Intro to Skateboarding is a 4 week class designed to get you rolling even if you've never stepped on a skateboard. This special Homeschool edition of the class is offered in the morning during non-business hours so the class has the park to themselves. In addition to a private park, you also get two bonus hours of open skating after the one hour lesson.

No Equipment Needed: A rental board and Helmet are included with the course so you don't need to have any equipment to join!

Ages: This class is for all ages because we believe you're never too old or too young to try skateboarding. We also encourage parents to join with their kids!

Class Size: This class is limited to 16 participants to maintain a personalized feel where the coach can work with various skill levels. (We will have one coach if there are 1-8 riders and two coaches if there are 9+ riders.)

Location: Help Boardshop - 7399 Bush Lake Rd, Edina MN

Schedule: Check availability right here with our online scheduler 

Skills We Work On (Level 1 Skills)

  • Skateboard Anatomy (Nose, tail, wheels, trucks, etc.)
  • Stance Identification - Goofy VS Regular 
  • Standing on the board and pushing properly
  • Riding up and down ramps

Class sessions are not refundable/able to be rescheduled on an individual basis. Meaning if you have to miss one session there are no make-up sessions. You can however cancel/reschedule the entire month up to 2 days before the first session.