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Ride A-6 Olive 2022

Ride A-6 Olive 2022

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The Two-Piece Ankle Strap contours to the shape of your boot and provides durability without extra weight. Urethane in the Slimeback™ Highback provides a smooth ride and allows for maximum lateral mobility. The A-Series Aluminum Chassis provides the reactive flex and power transfer of aluminum with less rigidity than previous designs.  The canted footbed aligns your joints with a 2.5 degree angle while providing more leverage over the tip and tail of your board.  The A-6 is designed for all around performance and a rider that prefers the responsive feel of aluminum.

  • A-Series Aluminum Chassis

  • Slimeback™ Highback

  • Two-Piece Ankle Strap

  • Minimalist Toe Strap

  • A-Series Diecut Basepad

  • Canted Footbed

  • Plastic Discs

  • Linkage Ratchet